Update Process

  1. 1.The JRA Race Card will be available on the day before the races (usually around noon, JPN time).
  2. 2.The JRA official race results will be available after the placing order of all horses in each race becomes official (normally 20 minutes after each race).

Symbols and Abbreviations

JRA : 
Japan Racing Association
NAR : 
National Association of Racing (Racing by Local Governments)

DES : 
designates a JRA race in which NAR registered horses can enter, or a race in which an NAR licensed jockey can ride.
SD : 
designates a race in which a horse, which has won one or more JRA approved races in Local Government Racing and also a race in which NAR licensed jockeys can ride.
DSN : 
designates a race in which NAR licensed jockeys can ride.
MIX : 
designates a race in which foreign-bred horses, which have not raced outside of Japan, can enter with domestic-bred horses.
INT : 
designates a race which is open to all foreign-bred horses and all domestic-bred horses.

Official Going

Turf course : 
Firm, Good to Firm, Good, Yielding, Soft
Dirt course : 
Standard, Good, Muddy, Sloppy

* Note: "Good to Firm" going on turf added from January 2021.

Gender and Sex

C = Colt (2-4 Y/O), H = Horse (5 Y/O & UP), G = Gelding, F = Filly (2-4 Y/O), M = Mare (5 Y/O & UP)

Finish or Margin

D : 
Dead Heat
NS : 
HD : 
NK : 
DS : 
DQ&P : 
Disqualified and Placed, or Demoted
RM : 
S : 
ER : 
Excluded from running (by stewards)
FF : 
Fail to finish
DQ :